Bairnsdale & District Field Naturalists Club Inc.

 About Us


Statement of Purpose

  1. To further the awareness and study of all branches of natural history within the East Gippsland community through field excursions, regular surveys, specialist guest speakers and publications.
  2. To observe and strengthen the laws for the preservation and protection of indigenous flora, fauna, habitat and important geological features.
  3. To promote the formation and preservation of National and State Parks and Reserves.
  4. To collaborate with other groups and agencies with similar environmental interest.

Exploring Flora and Fauna

  • Exploring and enjoying East Gippsland’s flora and fauna is the main focus of the Club.
  • The program of activities includes monthly General Meetings, Field Excursions and Bushwalks. These activities provide members with an opportunity to look, listen and learn about the natural environment.
    A brief description of the activities is given on the Club Activities page and details of all activities are published in the Club Activities Program and in the quarterly newsletter, The Clematis.
  • The Club records observations of flora and fauna and monitors rare and endangered species.

BDFNC History

  • The first field excursion was held in 1960. Since its inception at that time, the Club has managed a continual program of activities for members. 
  • The Club has also recorded species of flora and fauna in the East Gippsland region since 1960.
  • The geographic area in focus extends from the Avon River in the west to the New South Wales border in the far east, and from the top of the Dividing Range in the north to the southern coastline.

Having Fun

  • While learning about the scientific aspect of local flora and fauna is fundamental to the Club, so too is the personal enjoyment of discovery and appreciating the beauty of East Gippsland’s natural wonderland.
  • Club activities provide an opportunity for members to socialise with like-minded people in an informal and non-political environment.
  • Field excursions offer a wonderful venue for members with an interest in photography.
  • Membership of the Club is open to interested people of all ages.